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Kids Program

As a parent, we know you want the best for your children. MMA Insititute offers outstanding martial arts instruction for children ages 7-14. Special consideration may be given to children under the age of seven based on experience, size, and aptitude.  Our instructors carry with them a lifetime of martial arts experience and create a fun, friendly atmosphere for your children. The best part is - you can enroll your child at anytime!

Created Jake Young and led by Vamana Brown and Anthony Quintana, our program is focused on practical self defense tactics, with an emphasis on brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai. Children learn to effectively evade attackers, de-escalate potentially harmful situations and arm themselves with confidence and self esteem. Class times are as follows:


5PM - 5:50 PM Kids Jitsu class


5PM - 5:50 PM Kids Muay Thai class 


5PM - 5:50 PM Kids Jitsu class


5PM - 5:50 PM Kids Muay Thai class 


5PM - 5:30 PM Kids MMA


9AM - 9:50 PM  Kids Jitsu class

In addition to learning practical techniques, all instruction includes character development.  Each class connects the techniques learned to a specific value such as honesty, self-motivation, self-respect, respect for others, and self-control to name only a few.

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