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2011 Award Winners

We hope everyone had a great time at our End of Year Throwdown!!  Extra thanks to Chelsea for the amazing food and drinks as well as the Kings for the light show.  But really we have to thank all our students for making our team great!

2011 Peer Awards

Training partners recognized each other in this year's peer awards.  Congratulations to our winners:

Most Inspiring - "Slim" Darold Downey

Other nominees: Conner Ashley, Corey Burgoyne, Donny Ooton, Jake Lemacks, Julia Ho, Lance Duvall, Michael Lawrence, Roberto Ford, Roc (Ronell White), Sean Evans, Stephen Govan

Most Helpful - Chelsea McCoy

Other nominees: Bobby Smith, Donnie Larmee, Julia Ho, Lance Duvall, Michael Lawrence, Mike Nichols, Roberto Ford, Sean Evans, Slim (Darold Downey) 

Most Entertaining - Kenny Titcomb

Other nominees: Ben Pruett, David Cicoria, George Sheppard, Lance Duvall, Terrell Hobbs, Vlad Rusinou, Wampler

Best Pad Feeder - Roberto Ford

Other nominees: Bryan Lashomb, Isabel Ramos, Jake Lemacks, Justin Bognar, Kenny Titcomb, Michael Lawrence, Mike Itzkowitz, Stephen Govan, Terrell Hobbs 

Toughest Rolling Partner - Zach Newton

Other nominees: Ben Thomas, Bobby Smith, Donny Ooton, George Sheppard, Roc (Ronell White), Vlad Rusinou