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More Fights in the Dominican Republic



The MMA Institute’s reputation in Virginia, as well as the United States is more than spoken for by the fight team’s stall worth combined record of 215-87.  MMA Institute fighters Josh Matheny (4-3) and Kenny Gaudreau (5-4) were recently tasked with showing the rest of the world the kind of talent MMA Institute produces.  On Febuary 28th, Matheny and Gaudreau competed in the Dominican Republic at Combat Extremo 9.  Both men represented MMAI well, by displaying the skill, discipline, and sportsmanship that the MMA Institute teaches . . .

Josh Matheny was first from MMAI to compete and faced off against Dominican Republic native Roberto Mendez in the lightweight division.  The fight immediately went to the ground where Matheny locked in a triangle choke within the first ten seconds.  Mendez tried to escape the choke by slamming Matheny the same way Rampage Jackson famously slammed and knocked out Ricardo Arona.  However, each time Matheny was lifted off the ground and dropped, he was able to tighten the choke.  As a result, midway through the first round, Roberto Mendez tapped due to a triangle choke, giving Josh the victory and his fourth win in his amateur MMA career.

Nine fight veteran Kenny Gaudreau took on Dominican Raymond Martinez in the 6th fight of the night.  From the start of the first round, Gaudreau controlled the action by taking the fight to the ground and quickly locked in a triangle choke.  Martinez was able to keep from tapping, and throughout the first round Gaudreau transitioned back and forth from triangles to armbars, but Martinez held strong as the round ended.  The second round was completely opposite from the 1st and saw the entire action take place standing up with both fighters landing clean blows.  However, in the third, Martinez caught Gaudreau with a straight punch that knocked him down where the fight was finished via TKO giving Martinez the win in the third round.