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Riggleman takes win at Ring of Combat 04/16/10

On April 16, 2010, Professional MMA Institute fighter Jessie Riggleman fought in Ring of Combat at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ.  The opponent, Tuan Pham, of Philadelphia’s Fight Firm, was a last minute replacement, but extremely tough, nonetheless.  The first round began with a couple of nice exchanges with Jessie landing several clean punches to set up a takedown, leaving Jessie in his opponent’s half guard.  Tuan reversed the position when Jessie attempted a guillotine choke.  Jessie tried to use the cage to get back to his feet, but Tuan prevented him from doing so.  Eventually, Jessie created a scramble; however, Tuan managed to take his back.  Jessie was able to shake him off and escape out of the back door and ended up in side control, with Jessie on top.  Tuan attempted an armbar and created enough space to reverse the position ending the round on top and immobilized Jessie as he kept him pressed against the cage. 


In Round 2, Jessie opened with punches which set up a successful double leg takedown off of the cage, leaving him in his opponent’s half guard.  Again, Tuan caused a scramble, got back to his feet and took Jessie down.  Jessie gave up his back, which allowed Tuan to begin working for a rear naked choke.  Jessie defended the choke attempt and got back to his feet.  Tuan tried to keep the position, but Jessie landed a powerful back elbow which caused Tuan to momentarily lose his balance.  In the scramble that ensued, Jessie secured a ten finger guillotine choke to secure a victory by Technical Submission against a very worthy opponent, improving his overall pro record to 9-0.