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Muay Thai Seminar with Cyrus Washington

When: Monday, March 7th 6:00-9:00pm

Where: MMA Institute, 6415 Jahnke Road, Richmond VA 23225

Cost: $40


Highlights of Cyrus Washington

63 fights 47 wins 16 losses 47 ko's

China's number 2 fighter
Trained Muay Thai for 11 years
Started Kenpo at 5,and Taekwondo at 10 years old got a black belt
Trained Dutch Kickboxing for 8 months while in Thailand with Freddy Sikking Ivan Hippolyte trained fighter of Vos Gym and Remy Bonjasky's Academy
Myanmar Bare Knuckle Champion 2010
2x PK-1 international Champion
#1 Provincial Contender for 2 years

Fought Robert the Terminator Thanwat, Legend Jomhod Kiatsidak ,Steven Melkie Scotish Champion (KO'ed him in the first round), Harlee Avaison rising Australian Star (KO'ed him), Chaiyo the Thai Giant.

Fought in the Kings cup 2008,2009,Queens cup 2009
Fought on the TV kickboxing reality show Enfusion