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Great Students, Great Fight Team

Thank you to all MMA Institute students and friends who came out to support our fighters at Operation Octagon.  The greatness of our gym stems directly from the students, and this was proven once again by the great show of support and camaraderie this past Saturday.

As for the fighters, they proved excellence as well.

Dashawn Boatwright - making his MMA debut wins by unanimous decision.  Gorgeous head kicks!

Roberto Ford - making his MMA debut, wins by TKO in the second round.  Most notable knees and clinch work seen in the amateur arena!

John Smith - wins by rear naked choke in the first round.  Moving from being considered more of a stand up striker, he is becoming a submission specialist with nearly catching the Peruvian before transitioning to the rear naked choke.

Donny Ooton - wins by TKO in the first round displaying his usual aggression finishes fast

Great students, great team!