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Newest Crop of Amateurs Enter the Cage

MMA Institute had three new fighters make their debut and two fighters make their return to the cage at Elite Fighting Challenge on Friday, April 27th.

Taron Jones started everything with a bang, running through his opponent to win by TKO in under 30 seconds.

Shaun Spath used his wrestling background to dominate with repeated take downs.  In the second round, Shaun transitioned from the take-down to getting back mount, to flattening out his opponent and finishing with a TKO stoppage.  

Ernest Tucker also used his wrestling background, but more so in defending take down attempts.  He won all three rounds from all three judges.

Dashawn Boatwright caught his first win by submission capitalizing on his opponent's hurried attempt to rush him on the ground.  Dashawn was able to dominate the scramble, secure back mount, and sink in a rear-naked choke.

Donelei Benedetto likewise had a surprising finish.  Donelei successfully defended one take down attempt; and although eventually taken down, he countered it by slapping on a triangle choke, forcing his opponent to submit.