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MMA Institute Takes on Three Man Tournament

San-Do came to Virginia Tech on Saturday, April 28th and featured some of MMA Institute's professional fighters.

What is San-Do?
Three fighters enter the ring in triple warrior combat.  All fighters compete as individuals, and the last man standing is the winner.  If there is more than one fighter at the end of the third round, the winner is decided by the judges.  While there are three fighters in the ring, rules require the fight to stay standing.  Once there are two fighters left, ground combat and full MMA rules are legal.

Kyle Baker was the first of the MMA Institute fighters to enter the San-Do arena and certainly set the stage for an exciting night.  While engaged in a stand up battle with one of the opponents, Kyle turned around with a head kick to the second opponent, knocking him out cold.  After eliminating one, it took little time before Kyle was able to finish the final opponent with a TKO.

Terrell Hobbs dominated with strikes to win by decision.

Mike Wade's powerful wrestling slams gave him the win by decision.

Donny Ooton had the toughest opponents on the card.  He was matched up against Bellator champions with a combined record of over 34 professional MMA fights compared to his 1-0 professional MMA record.  Despite their experience, neither opponent could gain dominance over Donny, and he was awarded the win by decision.