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Special! Body Transformation Challenge

Fall Body Transformation Challenge


 What:   Special 8 Week “Effortless Change” Program – The Perfect Pre-Holiday Challenge to Develop Healthy Habits, Rev Up Your Metabolism, and Shed Excess Body Fatunder the guidance of a professional coach.


 When:  Sign up on a “rolling” basis by October 20th



 ***Cash Prize to the winner who achieves the greatest decrease in body fat %***



Who is this challenge for?


  •        Current MMAI who work hard but have specific body composition goals (decrease body fat and/or increase muscle mass)
  •         New MMAI members who want to maximize their results since nutrition is 70-80% of body composition goals and working out is only 20-30% or less.
  •         Anyone who wants to participate in MMAI’s January Body Transformation Challenge but wants a head start.
  •          Anyone who wants to have control of their body and understand exactly how to make changes instead of “dieting” and ruining your chances to make lasting changes
  •         Anyone who wants to improve their energy levels throughout the day
  •          Anyone who wants to learn how to eat and train intelligently from someone who has years of experience in the field


Results from Danny’s previous 12 week Body Transformation Challenge:


  •               Rick M. lost 21.23 lbs. of fat and decreased his body fat percentage 9.62%
  •              Tanja M. lost 10.67 pounds of fat and gained 2.17 lbs. of muscle
  •               Kevin K. decreased his body fat percentage by 8.5%






What People Are Saying About Danny’s Previous Transformation Challenges:


“With your training I have reached a far great level of physical health than I could have on my own. “


  •          Collin B.  Triathlete and Marathon Runner who Gained over 11.41 lbs. of muscle and lost over 3% body fat


“Since starting I have gained so much strength and completely transformed my body.”


  •          Brianna L. decreased body fat percentage 4.43%


More Details:


This special “Effortless Change” program is being offered exclusively to MMAI students and is an opportunity to look and feel the best you ever have and achieve permanent results you never thought possible.  Participants will work with Danny Clark, CFNS, RKC II, a certified fitness nutrition specialist and leader of MMAI’s strength and conditioning program.  This challenge will be a 8 week program that will give you all the tools you need to successfully shed body fat, increase strength, and improve your performance in the martial arts by smoothly transitioning eating habits. 


The challenge package includes initial body fat analysis, custom eating program tailored for your success, a customized workout plan based on the awesome classes offered at MMAI, and weekly follow-up appointments to check your progress and ensure your success.


You may enroll in this program anytime between today and 10/20/2012.  Your 8 week challenge will begin on the day you schedule your initial appointment.


$20 from each participant will go into the pot for the cash prize.  Results from the challenge will be announced just before Christmas.




$200 (regular price is $300, a savings of $100!).  Sign up via paypal below:


MMA Institute 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge



This is the program you need to make the changes you want and improve the quality of your life! 


Space is limited, so sign up now!