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Another Night in New Jersey

MMA Institute professional fighters, Mike Lawrence and Dashawn Boatwright did what they do best this past Saturday, December 17th at Global Proving Ground 27 in New Jersey.

Mike Lawrence MMA Institute

Mike Lawrence dominated the bout to win by unanimous decision. 

He controlled every aspect of the fight, winning the striking exchanges standing, finishing the take-downs, winning the grappling and raining down the ground and pound.


Dashawn Boatwright is the new Light Heavy Weight World Champion!

Dashawn Boatwright MMA Institute    Adam Crist on wrote:

In the co-main event of the evening, Dashawn “Buck the 400lb Silverback” Boatwright (MMA Institute) delivered on  his pre-fight prediction in stopping Eric Ellerbee for the GPG light heavyweight title. Although, he called his shot for the stoppage to happen in the 2nd round, he was more than happy to get the 4th round TKO stoppage.Boatwright’s plan couldn’t have been executed any better. Ellerbee, known for his standup prowess,  was never able to get a solid rhythm from start to finish. Instead, Boatwright spent most of the contest clinching his opponent against the fence to ultimately score the takedown. Time and time again.  Boatwright would follow with peppering shots in the clinch or on the ground, which ultimately  took its toll as Ellerbee bagan to whither as the contest went into championship rounds. Finally, Ellerbee was spent from the pressure, clinch fighting, and fighting off of his back. Boatwright smelled blood in the water and began  battering Ellerbee to the point that referee, Bill Bookwalter made the wise decision to stop the contest,  declaring Dashawn Boatwright the GPG light heavyweight champion in round 4 via TKO.