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Back-to-Back Fights Valhalla 7 and The Asian Festival

Valhalla 7 held in Sterling, Virginia on August 9th featured six MMA Institute fighters.  Five fighters came from MMA Institute, Winchester and one fighter came from MMA Institute, Richmond.

All six fighters took home a win.  Congratulations to Tom Prato, Mike Nielson, Cody Toy, Logan Snyder, Kenny Gaudreau, and Chris Conner!  Chris Conner defeated his opponent with an armbar in the 3rd round, making him the 155lb Valhalla Titleholder.  All of the Winchester fighters displayed their ground skills by winning every bout by submission.

MMA Institute produces great MMA fighters, but that is not all.  Tom Piccininni and Daniel Lampe competed at the Muay Thai fights during the Asian Festival in Reston, Virginia. The bouts allowed for full Muay Thai rules including elbows and knees to the head.  This proved devastating for Tom's opponent who was owned in the clinch and suffered from numerous knees.  Tom's Muay Thai debut resulted in a win by TKO in the third round.

Daniel Lampe was the main event and put on an excellent fight that went the distance of 3 rounds.  Dominating the length of the fight, all three judges awarded him every round.

Other MMA Institute fighters plan for more victories at Valhalla 8 in Richmond, Virginia on September 6.