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The Ultimate Fighter - Amir Sadollah Thanks Rick McCoy

Ultimate Fighter Coached by Rick McCoyHello my name is Amir Sadollah, you may recognize me from my roles on TV on such little shows as, "The Love Boat", "Bonanza", "The Muppet Show", and most recently, "The Ultimate Fighter", season seven.  The crazy thing is all of a sudden people are interested in what I have to say now, without my having to pad the conversation with false rumors about celebrities and fake new laws.

In all seriousness though, I would have to say I've been answering a lot of questions recently on how and where I got started training in Mixed Martial Arts, and I hope this little article gives some insight into that.

About four years ago, I was just beginning training, trying to sort out the literal plethora of knowledge there was to be considered when building an MMA career from scrap. Rick McCoy began teaching the odd class from time to time, and I remember how it was apparent that he was very much more experienced in MMA than anyone who had trained me before.

It wasn't long before Rick teaching was a more permanent installment, and I would always try my best to be there when his class was going on. What I liked about learning from Rick was not only the fact that he taught from a broad spectrum of martial arts knowledge, but that he streamlined it into what is most practical and effective, stemming from his own experience.

Rick saw how much I wanted to learn, and took me "under his wing", so to speak. I credit him with being the person who spent the most one on one time with me as I was developing as a fighter. Rick was a constant source of motivation and inspiration to me, I definitely looked up to him. Rick's mentorship played an almost paternal role in my career, and he never asked anything of me, besides doing my best. He never gave up on me, and inspired me with the archetype
and mentality of a successful fighter. Rick taught me the need for intensity, motivation, and a well rounded game.

I am writing this in function, as not only a bit of history in my background, but also as a personal thank you for all the time and effort Rick McCoy dedicated to improving me as a fighter.