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Professional Fights in NC



After establishing a strong presence in Virginia, MMA Institute fighters traveled down to North Carolina to compete at the Circle of Fury fights in Winston Salem on October 24, 2008.  Two of the three professional fights on the pro/am card had a contestant from MMA Institute. 

Kyle Baker (MMA Institute) was matched up against Roger Carroll, who was previously undefeated as a pro.  Although Carroll threw many headkicks, none of them made it through Kyle’s defense.  However, strikes did begin to land in the clinch range, as Kyle dominated with elbows and body shots.  In return, Carroll made several attempts to take the fight to the ground, but in his usual style, Kyle managed to get it back to standing.  Eventually, however, Kyle took the fight to the ground, put Roger on his back, and slid his knee on Roger’s belly to secure mount.   From here, Kyle forced Roger to tap out from strikes at 4:49 of the first round.


The main event featured Jessie Riggleman (MMA Institute), despite this being merely his second professional fight.  His opponent, Steve Kinnison, on the other hand, had over 26 professional fights with wins over prestigious fighters such as Diego Saraiva and Rafael Dias.  The first two rounds played out in similar fashion.  Riggleman shot in early and slammed Kinnison.  On the ground, Riggleman kept dominant position, allbeit transitioning back and forth between back and mount.  Kinnison timed his movement so well that he was able to avoid taking too much damage from Riggleman’s strikes.  In addition, Kinnison defended all submission attempts very well.    That was, until the third round.  This time, Kinnison went for the shot, but was unable to perform the finish that Riggleman had twice accomplished.  Again, confident in his submission defense, Kinnison gave up his back to Riggleman and sealed his fate.  Riggleman now determined to sink in the choke worked diligently until Kinnison was forced to tap out.