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Stellar performances by four of MMA Institute’s professional fighters competing November 15, 2008 at Cagefest Extreme.  Of the fighters featured, 2 defeated UFC veterans in exciting battles at Cagefest’s first all-pro event in Norfolk, VA.



Cagefest Xtreme: Evolution
November 15th, 2008

This past weekend, four professional fighters from MMA Institute were featured at Cagefest Xtreme “Evolution.”  Joel Wyatt, Chris Conner, Kyle Baker and Beau Baker all had remarkable performances in Norfolk, VA at Cagefest’s first all-pro event.


Joel Wyatt vs. Anthony Horn

Joel completely dominated the fight.  It quickly went to the ground where Joel controlled the action.  After a scramble, Joel mounted his opponent.  As Anthony Horn quickly bellied down  giving up his back, Joel transitioned to back mount with hooks in, where he delivered strikes until the referee stepped in.  Joel won by TKO referee stoppage due to strikes. 


Chris Conner vs. Don Bailey 

This was Chris’ professional debut.  After an amateur MMA career with 9 wins and 3 defeats, Chris was offered the opportunity to fight professionally.  He took the fight on three days notice, and fought like a seasoned veteran.  His opponent, Don Bailey, also making his professional debut, is a particularly dangerous striker and very skilled in MMA.  Chris won by armbar submission in the 3rd round.


Kyle Baker vs. Chad "The Grinder" Reiner

Kyle fought UFC veteran Chad Reiner.  Both fighters fought hard, delivering heavy and accurate strikes.  Kyle took a couple of hard kicks to the body, although always moving forward to return the favor.  One notable moment in the fight was when Chad shot in for a takedown, only to end up mounted by Kyle.  Following a technical battle on the ground, Kyle seemed to be in danger when Chad attempted a heel hook in the second round.  Kyle managed to escape the submission attempt to finish the round on his feet.  It was close until the third round, then Kyle quickly began to pull away from his opponent.  It was the combination of huge shots coupled with Kyle’s superior conditioning that seemed to determine the outcome of the battle.  Kyle won by TKO referee stoppage due to strikes.


Beau Baker vs. Tommy Speer

Beau also fought a UFC veteran.  His opponent was The Ultimate Fighter, Season Six runner-up.  Beau was received with loud boos from the crowd as they awaited the introduction of Tommy Speer, the crowd favorite.  Although his opponent was clearly the larger of the two, Beau completely dominated once the cage doors were shut.  In the second round, Beau attempted an armbar.  It was on tight as Beau cranked the armbar then Tommy’s elbow begun to hyperextend.  Most people would have tapped, but to his credit, Tommy never quit and continued until he managed to escape.  Beau managed to win both the takedown battles as well as the scrambles, constantly delivering solid punches and elbows from superior positions.  It wasn’t until about the last 20 seconds of the final round that Tommy began to land a few big shots.  It just wasn’t enough to alter the inevitable.  Beau fought an amazing fight and won by majority decision.  This was a huge win for him.  The fight has received a great deal of media coverage as a result of comments made by Tommy Speer in a post fight interview.  Apparently, Tommy is seriously considering ending his MMA career after this most recent defeat.  To see highlights from the fight, visit:


Congratulations to all of the MMA Institute Pros!  Through your hard work, determination, and sacrifice, you set a great example for all of us to follow.  We’re extremely proud of you!!!