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Valhalla 3/28/09



Valhalla, the mythic afterlife of the Viking warriors, where one could fight to the death only to be reborn, celebrate their battles, and start anew the next day. This was their version of heaven! So I guess that Valhalla 10 at the Dulles Sportsplex on 3/28/09 was heaven on earth for the MMA Institute fighters who fought six grueling battles worthy of Odin’s applause . . .


The night saw the Muay Thai and MMA debuts of Bryan Tevalt and Mark Farrington, respectively. Both showed impressive skill and fortitude despite losing their matches, Tevalt by decision and Farrington by submission. Next was Shawn Smith who shocked the crowd, in his debut, winning by rear naked choke in the first round. Also making debuts in Muay Thai where Amanda Jones and Ryan Shifflet. Amanda proved that pretty people can pack powerful punches as she used a series of smashing overhand rights to win by split decision. Shifflet fought valiantly but in the end lost to opponent Shane Finn, who was later quoted as saying “ …If that girl(Jones) could beat Shirley like that , then she’s legit.” with regard to his undefeated teammate’s loss to Amanda.  The evening also saw Adrian Yarboro’s continuing climb to the top of the 170 lbs. class. Adrian made quick work of his opponent by taking mount and hammering his way to a 3-0 record with a referee stoppage due to strikes in the first round. In all, MMA Institute finished the night 3-3 and provided the crowd with plenty of oohs and aahs.

Be sure to congratulate all of the MMA Institute fighters and coaches who participated in Valhalla 10, and remember to train hard and train to finish!