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Jeremy Whitmore wins King of the Ring!


Jeremy Whitmore wins King of the Ring

Of course, everyone at MMA Institute, seeing his dedication and focus in training, knew he would.  Jeremy ‘all day’ Whitmore pushes the limit, whether in class, on the bag, or sparring with team-mates.  Therefore, the MMA Institute Team was completely confident in Jeremy’s win.  The only debate seemed to be how he was going to finish his opponent.


Here is a quick re-cap of how the fight actually went down at the King of the Ring Competition in Hampton on Saturday, April 14, 2007:


He opened the fight with a few strikes while standing, but when the opportunity for a take-down presented itself, Jeremy had to take full advantage.   Once they hit the floor, Jeremy, in full guard, began pounding his opponent until they both were tangled in the ropes.  Getting back to their feet, they entered the clinch just before another take down!  When Jeremy took him down this time, he landed in full mount and immediately began delivering relentless strikes to the head.  It was not long before his opponent could take no more and therefore gave his back to Jeremy.


And so, at 1 minute 40 seconds, Jeremy finished his opponent with a rear-naked choke.


Congratulations Jeremy!


What did he have to say about the fight?

"I am honored to get the first win for MMA Institute and I hope its sets a precedent for our future fights."