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Why kids enjoy MMA

Three MMA Institute children were awarded for their essay submissions describing why they enjoy MMA.  Tickets to a local MMA event were given to the 2nd and 3rd place winners, and the first place winner took home a lifesize cut out of Wolverine.  Click on more below to see their essays.




I am a yellow-white belt in the Kid-Jitsu class at MMA Institute.  I have been studying BJJ for one year now.   I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because me and Steven drove past it one day and he asked me if I wanted to sign up and I said yes.  There were three people on my first class, after my first class I enjoyed it and I wanted to keep doing it.  In my first class I did arm bar and nobody else knew the arm bar.  It was my second or third class when I had my gi and sensei  Jake gave me two stripes because he was impressed by my moves.  Last year I got my yellow-white belt, after the test I was proud of myself.  Jiu-Jitsu makes me feel happy during class and ready to go in and learn and practice when I walk in.  I’ve made a lot of friends in my class.  I think sensei Jake is cool, nice, clever and helpful.  I have a lot of fun in class whenever I go to class.  I always try my best in class.  I never give up.  If I mess up on a move I always practice it until I get really good at it.  I care about it a lot and I try to never miss a class. Me and Steven practice at home when he is off work.

The reason I do jiu-jitsu is to learn to defend myself.  I represent my class by being a leader of the class.  I try to apply my values in every class.  I show discipline when an instructor asks me t do something, I do it immediately and don’t talk back or complain.  I also return to the mat after water breaks and sit quietly along the fence and wait for instructions.  I show joy when I always have a positive attitude and am always happy no matter what happens.  I practice sportsmanship by never bragging or getting angry at anybody after I lose. I always say good match even if I lose and I help the other person up.

I’ve done three competitions so far.  My first competition was Copa  Nova, I got two second place medals.  I was proud of myself after the competition. The second competition was US Grappling, I got a first in gi and second in no gi, I was even more proud then the first competition.  The last competition was NAGA, I got two swords which means first place.  I was overjoyed after the competition.   After the competition I got a new nickname.  It was Andrew “The Prodigy” Hagen.  I want to keep doing Jiu-Jitsu until I’m a Black belt like Jake.   I want to be the best in Jiu-Jitsu.



I joined MMA Institute because i was watching UFC one night I thought I want to do Mixed Martial Arts and I already wrestle so why not so I told my mom I wanted to do karate but during spring break I looked for MMA classes in Richmond Virginia and I saw MMA and later I told my friend Jacob and then we both signed up. 

That’s one of the reasons I signed up another reason is I love sports I skateboard, basketball, football, soccer, and now MMA I have also have done wrestling before so I can get the hang of the moves easier but the main reson I joined is because I like sports and I like trying new sports.




Why I do MMA

I do MMA to increase my ability to defend myself and to increase my strength- speed- stamina etc.  But the main reason I joined MMA is because when I grow up I am going to be a UFC fighter hunting down the UFC World Title! I wanted to be undefeated in MMA but right now I am 12-3 good enough.  That is why I joined MMA!