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Brawley Fights 7/4/2009



It was an electric night at the Brawley Fights in Staunton, VA.  The July 4th event featured eleven MMA Institute fighters, with ten walking away as victors.  With Three Title Belts on the line, the action was fast paced and hard hitting as each and every fighter showed well versed abilities inside the ring, and class as well as sportsmanship throughout the event...   

Ray Cadell (MMA Institute) vs Matt Carter


In the opening bout, Ray Caddell (1-0) faced Matt Carter (0-1).  Caddell entered the ring with a very calm reserved demeanor.  After a brief clinch battle against the cage, Caddell scored a takedown and finished his opponent with a relentless ground and pound attack to end the fight in the first round.


Chad Brown (MMA Institute) vs Corey Wamsley


An extremely focused and intense Chad Brown (3-2-1) took on Corey Wamsley (3-1) in the third fight on the card.  In the first round, Brown immediately took Wamsley down and showed amazing ring generalship, keeping Wamsely pinned against the cage.  Wamsley was able to make it back to his feet, and threw a barrage of punches and kicks at Brown.  Chad kept his composure and was able to stifle Wamsley’s attack.  Towards the end of the round, Brown again took Wamsley down and ended the round with a flurry of punches from Wamsley’s guard.

In the opening seconds of the 2nd round, Brown connected with a big right.  The fight turned into a clinch battle where Brown was able to slam Wamsley hard to the canvas and finish the round with some punches from on top.

Again the in the 3rd, Brown hit Wamsley with another right hand along with some battering knees from the clinch.  After scoring another big slam, Wamsley ended the match with a big slam as the fight went to the judges.  All 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Chad Brown as he picked up his third win via decision.


James Wells (MMA Institute) vs Jerry Scott


For the fourth fight, James Wells (2-1) went up against Jerry Scott (0-2).  An amped and bouncy Wells immediately tied up Scott against the cage before rocking his opponent with a devastating knee that sent Scott to his back.  In the second round, Wells was able to take Scott down, secure the mount, and ground and pound his way to a TKO victory.

Lucas Wright (MMA Institute) vs Tim Asvell


The fifth fight of the night saw a smiling Lucas Wright (2-0) take on Tim Asbell (0-1).  At the opening bell, Asbell immediately went for the flying knee that Wright easily blocked.  After a brief clinch, Wright tossed Asbell with a text book Judo throw and quickly transitioned to the mount.  Wright then proceeded to smash Asbell with some devastating elbows before the ref called a stop to the match giving Lucas Wright a TKO victory.


Lee Swecker (MMA Institute) vs Rodney Myers


A relaxed and confident Lee Swecker (2-2) earned a first round submission victory against Rodney Myers (2-2).  Swecker was able to block a takedown attempt by Myers before scoring a takedown of his own where he was able to secure an armbar ending the fight in the first round.


Jake Mclean (MMA Institute) vs Thomas Johnson


The action picked up quickly as the first fight after the intermission saw Jake Mclean (3-0) hit Thomas Johnson (1-1) with a flying knee. Mclean finished the fight early with a submission via Guillotine. 


John Fracker (MMA Institute) vs Matt Biller


In 9th bout of the card, an extremely focused and determined John Fracker (1-0) went up against Matt Biller (1-3).  Franker quickly took Biller down with a takedown to side control where he quickly mounted his opponent and pounded his way to another TKO victory for MMAI team.


Stephen Govan (MMA Institute) vs Jason Thompson


In the first title fight of the night, the middleweight belt was on the line for Stephen Govan (4-2) and veteran Jason Thompson (7-4).  Govan inflicted some heavy damage on Thompson with some good knees from the clinch along with a big right hook.  Eventually, Govan took Thompson down and passed easily to mount.  However, Govan battled back to guard and was able to secure a triangle choke to win the Brawley Fights middleweight title in the 1st round.


Billy Shannon (MMA Institute) vs Frank Cox


The next title fight saw Billy Shannon (4-0) defend his light heavyweight championship against Frank Cox (2-2).  Shannon had an all-business demeanor leading up to the opening bell as he rolled his hands in a Wanderlei Silva like fashion.  Shannon scored an immediate takedown and persistently worked a head and arm choke from the ground, to standing, and back to the ground before submitting Cox in the first round to retain the 205 title belt.


Justin Kirtley (MMA Institute) vs Richie Andrews


The most energetic fight of the night had Justin Kirtley (4-0) defend the featherweight belt against Richie Andrews (1-2).  Electricity surrounded the ring as the buzz in the crowd grew to a roar as the two men squared off.  Kirtley, using his incredible quickness, evaded Andrews’s standup attack before dropping Andrews to his back with a lightening quick takedown.  Kirtley immediately mounted Andrews and began to rain down punches.  Admirably, Andrews attempted to fight back from his back, but Kirtley was too much as the fight was stopped in the 1st round.  The crowd exploded as Kirtley rose from the mat, retaining his title and earning his forth victory. 


Adam Prickett (MMA Institute) vs Neal Johnson


The final match of the night saw Adam Prickett (6-1) successfully defend his lightweight belt against Neal Johnson (3-2).  A stone faced Prickett easily took Johnson down and passed his guard.  After taking Johnson’s back, Prickett secured a rear naked choke and submitted Johnson.


Every fighter that represented the MMA Institute showed class, intensity, skill, and perseverance inside the cage.  Congratulations to everyone that competed and best of luck in everyone’s upcoming bouts.