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MMA Battleground 8/8/09



It was another winning night for the MMAI family at the MMA Battleground event in Winchester, VA.  The card featured seven competitors out of the Richmond, Winchester, and Harrisonburg Mixed Martial Arts Institutes with five of the fighters coming out victorious...



Allen Knicely (MMA Institute) vs Dean Roberson

In the second bout of the night Allen Knicely (1-0) took on Dean Roberson (0-1).  After being taken down early in the first round, Knicely fought hard to get to his feet and weathered a torrent of hard shots to the head and body.

During the second round, a resilient Knicely landed some clean body kicks along with a sharp right hook that rocked Roberson.  Knicely’s determination paid off in the third round as he was able to finish Roberson with a barrage of damaging leg kicks that put his opponent way giving Allen Knicely at TKO victory in the third round.


Mike Jamrozek (MMA Institute) vs Buster Cradell

The third fight on the card featured Mike Jamrozek (1-0) and Buster Cradell (1-1) in a welterweight match.  Jamrozek scored a takedown and showed his grappling prowess with several submission attempts and relentless ground control.  Jamrozek sealed the victory in the dying seconds of the second round with a rear naked choke.


Billy Shannon (MMA Institute) vs Markee Jones

The next fight saw veteran Billy Shannon (4-0) take on Markee Jones (2-2) in a light heavyweight match.  Shannon entered the ring to a huge ovation and was easily the crowd’s most popular fighter of the night.  The action quickly went to the ground as both competitors fought hard to establish dominant position.  Shannon used his great ju-jitsu skills and nearly secured a triangle choke early on Jones was able to escape and both fighters made their way back to their feet.  After a brief clinch battle, Shannon scored a takedown and went directly to mount by literally tossing his opponent down from the clinch.  Jones rolled to his back and Shannon quickly slapped on a rear naked choke to earn a submission victory in the first round.


David Cicoria (MMA Institute) vs Ravon Dixon

In his first fight, rookie David Cicoria (1-0) looked more like a seasoned vet in his bout against fellow rookie Ravon Dixon (0-1).  After weathering a huge leg kick that swept him off his feet, Cicoria scored with a superb double leg takedown.  From the bottom Dixon attempted a triangle choke, but Cicoria lift and slam Dixon down hard breaking the hold.  From there the men moved back to their feet where Cicoria secured a tight guillotine choke that brought his opponent to ground, earning his first victory via submission.


John Ray (MMA Institute) vs Adrian Belcarris

In the most controversial fight of the night, John Ray (1-1) caught a straight right to the chin that knocked him to the canvas.  Quickly the referee stepped in, ending the fight, though a conscious and alert John Ray seemed to be fine.  Never the less, Ray’s opponent, Adrian Belcarris (2-0) was awarded the knockout win.



Mike Nielson (MMA Institute) vs Joey Denoto

Another MMAI veteran of the cage, Mike Nielson (4-0) made quick work of Joey Denoto in their light heavyweight bout.  With amazing speed, Nielson ducked a jab and took Denoto down with a double leg.  As the two men grappled, both fighters got to their feet where Nielson got behind Denoto and locked in a tight rear naked choke ending the fight in the first round.


Tom Piccininni (MMA Institute) vs Marcus Daniels

In what was by far the most exciting fight of the night, Tom Piccininni (4-2) faced off against Marcus Daniels (5-1) in the bantamweight division.  After blocking an early takedown and withstanding a barrage of punches, Piccininni was knocked down by a huge overhand right from Daniels.  An unfazed Piccininni quickly regained his composure as the action moved to the ground.  As the round came to a close Piccininni nearly ended the match with an armbar, but time expired as he worked to secure the submission.

As the second round began the intensity picked right back up.  Piccininni landed two crashing body kicks before taking Daniels down and peppering him with punches and elbows from the top.  Daniels was able to get to his feet where Piccininni landed a solid head kick and finished the round with a hard flourish bringing the crowd to its feet. 

The third round was just as exciting as the two warriors slugged it out, both landing blow after blow.  Piccininni connected with two more huge body kicks, but Daniels was able to use his quickness to land several punches from the inside.  The fans cheered the two men on as their three war round came to end, and anticipation rushed through the venue as the judges tallied up the scores.  All three judges scored the fight 29-28 giving Marcus Daniels an extremely close decision to an amazing contest.