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MMA Institute takes on Brawley Fights 11/21/09



On November 21st, six fighters from the MMA Institute went to war inside the cage at Brawley 6 at the Expo Arena in Fishersville, VA.  Each fighter showcased heart, dedication, and class as the MMA Institute Fight Team went 4-2 overall, and 1-1 in title fights.  Read on for individual fight summaries.



Ray Caddell (MMA Institute) vs Anthony Emana 140lbs (catch weight)

The opening fight of the night featured Ray Caddell (2-1), against Anthony Emana (1-1).  Emana immediately went for the takedown once the match began.  After successfully avoiding the first two shots, Caddell was eventually brought down by a double leg from off the cage.  Emana then quickly moved to the mount and began to rain down punches, but Caddell maintained his composure and swept Emana.   From his back, Emana attempted an arm bar, but Caddell was able to avoid the submission. 

 In the second round, Emana again went for the takedown, but Caddell was able to sprawl out of Emana’s first attempt.  When Emana shot in again, Caddell locked in a guillotine, but was unable to finish Emana.  From there, Caddell worked his way back to his feet and pulled Emana into the clinch.  Using textbook Muay Thai technique, Caddell battered Emana with knees to the face before connecting with a devastating blow that shattered Emana’s nose and dropping him to the canvas, earning Caddell the victory via KO. 

Lucas Wright (MMA Institute) vs Kenny Wagoner 185lbs

The next MMA Institute fighter on the card was Lucas Wright (3-1) who was set to take on Kenny Wagoner (1-1), an independent from Roanoke, VA.  At the opening bell, Wright landed a brutal straight right hand that sent Wagoner tumbling to the matt.  Wright then landed eight unanswered punches prompting the official to stop the fight at the 12 second mark giving Wright his third win of his amateur career.

Aldin Pandzic (MMA Institute) vs Steven New 155lbs

The fans at the Fishersville Expo were treated to a three round battle as eighteen year old Aldin Pandzic (2-0) went up against Steven New (3-2) from Team Gamma out of Tennessee.  From the start, Pandzic controlled the fight with great takedown defense and effective striking.  After some brief exchanges, Pandzic shot in with his own takedown and finished the round with some vicious ground and pound.

The second round turned into a clinch battle where Pandzic utilized some dirty boxing that culminated in him landing a flush uppercut that rocked New.  Pandzic, again, was able to score with a takedown and finish the round with more punches from the top.                                                                                    

In the third round, New, who was behind on points, turned up his intensity and scored with an early takedown.  Pandzic was able to get back to his feet, but ate a huge knee before being taken down again.  New then moved to Pandzic’s back where he desperately worked for a rear naked choke, but Pandzic stifled New’s submission attempts throughout the rest of the round until the final bell rang.  Judges A and B scored the fight 29-28, and judge C scored it 28-28, giving Pandzic the majority decision and his third win.

Adrien Yarboro (MMA Institute) vs Pat Driscoll 170lbs

The second half of Brawley 6 saw Adrien Yarboro (5-1) take on Pat Driscoll (4-4) in a welterweight bout.  Driscoll shot in early and scored the takedown, but Yarboro used some exceptional Jiu Jitsu skills to maneuver into guard.  Yarboro was eventually able to separate from Driscoll and get to his feet.  As Driscoll went to reset from ground to standing, Yarboro unleashed a wicked head kick that knocked Driscoll out immediately.  Yarboro was awarded the victory via KO and improved his record to five wins with only one loss.

Austen Blakey (MMA Institute) vs Caleb McAllister 155lbs

The first title that was for grabs was the Brawley light weight championship belt.  Austen Blakey (3-2) took on Caleb McAllister (4-2) from Team Ram for the vacant title.  The fight immediately went to the ground as McAllister shot in with a double and brought Blakey down.  From there, McAllister quickly passed Blakey’s guard and moved to his back.  After securing his hooks McAllister locked in a tight rear naked choke, forcing Blakey to tap, earning him the victory and the 155 Brawley Fights Belt.

Cody Carter (MMA Institute) vs Tim Worley 125lbs

In the flyweight title fight, Cody Carter (2-1) squared off against Team Gamma’s Tim Worley (3-0).  The beginning of the match was a stand up battle, as both men exchanged leg kids and quick jabs.  After moving in closer, Carter went for a leg kick, but slipped as Worley ducked under.  Worley then pounced on top of Carter, though Carter was able to get back into guard.  As the fighters worked from the ground, Worley was able to lock in a power guillotine from the top.  Carter fought, but was unable to break Worley’s grip, and was forced to tap.  Worley was awarded the win via submission and the 125 Brawley Fights title belt.