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Children take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu off the mat





The kids of MMA Institute demonstrate the lessons of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on and off the mat.  Congratulations to the most recent essay contest winner, Tyler who received a life-size cut out of the Terminator.  Click “more” to read what children have to say about BJJ.






Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps me out of class by keeping me focused on everyday tasks like chores and school work, I do this by taking the listening skills I acquire during the class and put them to everything I do in life.  Jiu Jitsu keeps me fit and strong by giving me something to do like training all of the moves I learned or for my next class or for testing for my next belt.  Jiu Jitsu gives me a strong sense of securityby knowing how to protect others or myself in a situation.  Jiu Jitsu gives me responsibility to help others and not use what I have been taught to hurt other people unless in defense or when practicing.  Jiu Jitsu also gives me knowledge of a martial art, which I have never done before, and really enjoy.

Jiu Jitsu gives me a challenge because I am not really in shape.  I took this class to help me get into shape to help me become faster in baseball and in any sport I play, also to learn how to defend myself because  I am not a good fighter but mostly for the sport.   This is why I took the class and, how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps me out of class.



I have always been a shy and quite person.  I hope by taking this class it will help me be more outgoing.  I like meeting new friends and I like Sensei who shows me new moves.  Everyone acts as one team and it does not matter how much Jiu Jitsu I know.

I get picked on because I am a small little girl.  This makes me angry and aggressive.  By taking this class I know I can control my anger because I can be secure in my ability to defend myself or just walk away.  I will have more confidence in myself and what I can do.  I need to learn patience and self-discipline.  I get very irritated when I am doing something and it does  not go right and  I would like to be able to use what I learn in class to control myself before I get to worked up and get myself in trouble.  This is how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help me outside of class.



Jiu Jitsu helps me because it gives me good exercise.  That is good because exercise keeps me healthy.  Another way Jiu Jitsu is it gives me discipline.  And discipline gives me self-control in school.

Another way is perseverance.  Perseverance means to never give up and keep trying.  We make lots of friends.  They help you have more confidence in life.  Jiu Jitsu gives you things to do other than play video games or watch TV.

 These are reasons how Jiu Jitsu helps me outside the MMA.



How Jiu Jitsu helps me out of the gym.  It gives me daily exercise.  Exercise helps me stay strong and healthy.  The values help me too.  They teach me perseverance it means to never give up.  And it gives me discipline it means to have self control.  And good sportsmanship it means to have a good attitude when you lose something.  And many more things like obedience it means to listen to directions the first time given.  It gives me something to do or think about.  It lets me learn self-defense.   It allowed me to make friends with the people in the class.

It gives me something to look forward to. It gives me more confidence and courage.  That’s why it helps me.


I think jiu-jitsu helps me outside the gym because of its values.  Its values help me with self-control, obedience, discipline, perseverance, and more.  These values are a good use in school, in activities, and other places that I attend.  Jiu-jitsu also helps me with my self-defense.  It helps me stand up for myself because I know that I can choke them and take them down.  I also know that I shouldn’t be looking for a fight; I should only use it when I need to.   It helps me to believe in myself like when I’m on the bottom during a match; I know that I can get to the top.   In class I have noticed that the Sensei’s encourage us to do things that we think are impossible.  They are there to teach us new moves, but most importantly they teach us responsibility.  Like when I get a new belt I have more responsibility.  That responsibility helps us at home.  It helps if you have a pet, or if you have chores.  It also helps if you have something that’s really special to you, you would have to keep up with it.  The moves that they teach are teaching more protection to us.  The protection that we need is the protection that they are teaching us.  That is why jiu-jitsu is a sport of protection and responsibility.  I like jiu-jitsu because it’s a time that I and my dad get to bond.  Also, I like it because it helps me in a lot of things.  This is what I think of HOW JIU-JITSU HELPS ME OUTSIDE THE GYM.