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MMA Institute Produces Champions at MMA fights and Grappling Tournaments 12/04/09



This was quite the weekend for the MMA Institute fight team!  MMA fighters Michael Nielson and Marcus Willis had cage fights at the Modern Gladiators Fighting Championships on Friday, December 4th.  Saturday, December 5th proved to be a great day for our debut and beginner grappling competitors.  Read on for more details.

Modern Gladiators Fighting Championships: Chesapeake, VA

Michael Nielson (185lbs) added another victory to his undefeated record which now stands at 4-0.   Using strikes to pressure his opponent, Josh Plato, to the cage, Nielson attempted to pin Plato there to rain down punches.  Plato wanted no part of that plan and rolled up defensively to avoid damage.  Nielson capitalized by taking Plato’s back and then quickly submitted him with a rear naked choke.

Marcus Willis (145lbs) couragously stepped into the cage for the first time, but was overwhelmed by his opponent’s strikes resulting in a loss by TKO.


US Grappling Submission Only Tournament: Ashland, VA

Competing in a submission-only tournament is a very challenging way to debut on the mat.  Several of the MMA Institute grapplers chose this challenge to be their first taste of competitive grappling and ended up savoring the sweet taste of victory.  First timers, Joe Brendal and Gabriel Panti each took 1st place in their divisons.  Katie Cowan took 3rd place in her division, ending her final match with an impressive transition from a triangle choke to an armbar.


Returning competitors included Lance Duvall, Ryan Howard, and Ryan MacArthur.  MacArthur stole the show as he placed 2nd in what may have been the largest division there.  Displaying skill as well as cardio, MacArthur had two back to back matches each of which were longer than 30 minutes in length.