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Do I need martial arts or fitness experience before joining?2019-09-18T16:20:55+00:00

No previous experience is required, and you don’t have to be in shape already to begin. Most of the classes are designed to accommodate various experience levels, many are designed to be beginner friendly. The team-focused training creates an environment where we all help each other progress.

Is personal training offered?2019-09-18T16:22:24+00:00

Yes, all our instructors offer private lessons to members. Rates vary based on the expertise of the instructor, and discounts are offered for purchasing multiple sessions. Private lessons are a great way to enhance the progression of your training outside of the group classes.

Does membership allow you to participate in all the classes on the schedule?2019-09-18T16:23:23+00:00
Membership allows you to take as many classes as you like.  Certain classes have pre-requisites to ensure you are properly prepared to take them.  Classes requiring pre-requisites are listed below:
  • Kettlebells: Students must attend an introductory workshop (which is offered every month) before taking the kettlebell classes
  • Muay Thai Sparring Level 1: Student must have attended at least eight (8) of the Muay Thai level 1 classes
  • Muay Thai Level 2: Student must have attended at least thirty (30) of the Muay Thai level 1 classes and have demonstrated proficiency executing a specified set of techniques.
  • MMA: Students must have taken some Muay Thai and grappling classes
  • BJJ Upper Belt: Students must be a blue belt or higher
  • Fight Team Training: Students must have coach approval to attend
Is training gear provided?2019-09-18T16:25:08+00:00
Our facility has plenty of equipment used in class.  To ensure a hygienic environment, students are required to have their own gear (all of which should be clean before every session) listed below by class:
  • Muay Thai Level 1:  Gloves and hand wraps are required; shin guards are suggested
  • Muay Thai Sparring Level 1: 16oz boxing gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, mouthpiece, groin cup
  • Muay Thai Level 2: 16oz boxing gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, mouthpiece, groin cup
  • Grappling: Mouthpiece and groin cup
  • Competition Grappling: Gi, mouthpiece, and groin cup
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/or Judo: Gi, mouthpiece, groin cup
  • MMA: MMA gloves, mouthpiece, groin cup
  • Fight Team Training: 16oz boxing gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, mouthpiece, groin cup
  • Fighter Conditioning: Running shoes (required only in the spring/summer months)
How old/young do you have to be?2019-09-18T16:25:40+00:00

Kids Program is available for ages 4-14; Adults Program is available to every age above that

What are the opportunities to progress/compete?2019-09-18T16:26:12+00:00

Ranking is unique to each discipline, so a student’s progression in one art might be different in another.  Since each stripe and new belt is earned by putting in the necessary mat time and work required, we do not put a price on any promotion.  In other words, students are not charged a testing fee or a belt fee because money alone cannot earn these accomplishments nor can rank be purchased.  Opportunities to compete at various tournaments and events are also available to those interested.   Our coaching staff takes special care to ensure you are properly prepared to compete and evenly matched so that you can truly test your progression through competition.  We have students who compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, or Judo tournaments.  We have the largest fight team in the state made up of both amateur and professional MMA fighters and Muay Thai fighters.

“ The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. ”


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